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Best Gaming Pc Under 30000

Building a budget gaming PC is quite a difficult and  tedious task. But here in this article we are, helping you out in building your dream budget gaming PC that will be able to play games at low or medium graphics settings while delivering an average frame rate of 30-40fps. 

AMD Ryzen 5 3500 Desktop Processor 6 Cores up to 4.1 GHz 19MB Cache AM4 Socket

ryzen 5

Price: Rs. 13,999

The CPU or processor is the main heart of any computer, and you need a powerful one for a gaming PC. Well, the Ryzen 5 3400G beats Intel in the performance department by a lot. It’s a 4-core, 8-thread second-gen Ryzen powered CPU based on 12nm Zen+ cores along with Vega 11 graphics (iGPU). It isn’t the cheapest CPU available, but it can deliver a excellent 30-40 FPS range in AAA titles at low to medium settings.

MSI A320M A Pro Max Motherboard

msi a320m

Price: Rs. 4,225

MSI A320M A Pro Max is one of the cheapest and affordable AMD AM4 socket motherboards you could get if your budget is under Rs.25,000. You get dual DDR4 memory slots available that support up to 32GB of memory, and it also has a 1 x PCIe 3.0 x16 slot and a lot of I/O ports.

Gigabyte 8GB DDR4 2666MHz

gigabyte m2

Price: Rs. 3,200

Gigabyte’s 8GB RAM is not a very higher class of the class RAM, but a reasonably priced DDR4 RAM, its frequency speed clocked at 2666MHZ. It has a very good apt response time which makes it quite suitable for gaming performance, and it can be seamlessly integrated with an AMD-based system. It comes with a very long lifetime warranty so that you can game worry-free.

Seagate Barracuda 1TB SATA Hard Drive

seagate barracuda

Price: Rs. 3,250

Seagate Barracuda 1TB HDD is one of the most reliable and affordable hard drives in the PC market, and I can personally recommend it as I have used it, and it lasted me for quite a long time, delivering consistent speed over the years.

Here you can also add an SSD to get more performance out of the PC after a while, but a hard drive would be more than enough for your system initially.

Corsair Carbide Series SPEC-05 Mid-Tower Gaming Case Black

corsair carbide series

Price: Rs. 2,874

Here you would be looking out there for a good looking case, but most of the cool looking RGB case’s are on a slightly costlier side. Here we have the Corsair  Series SPEC-05 Gaming Case, which is quite affordable, cheap, value for money and will also satisfy the gamer inside you.

Gigabyte P450B 80 Plus Bronze SMPS

Price: Rs. 2,689

SMPS is one of the best and most important components of your PC as your whole system would depend on the power supply system and needs to be stable. So, it’s advisable to never compromise with the SMPS, or you could lose thousands or lakhs of money just due to SMPS failures.

Summary: Here is the List of Components to Build Best Budget Gaming PC Build Under Rs. 30,000 in India





AMD Ryzen 3 3500

Rs. 13,999


MSI A320M A Pro Max

Rs. 4,225


Gigabyte 8GB DDR4 2666MHz

Rs. 3,200


Seagate Barracuda 1TB SATA Hard Drive 

Rs. 3,250


Gigabyte P450B 80 Plus Bronze SMPS

Rs. 2,689


Corsair Carbide Series SPEC-05 Mid-Tower Gaming Case Black

Rs. 2,874


Rs. 30,327

Shubhamoy Majumder


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