best graphics card for video editing

best graphics card for video editing

Video editing is one of the most difficult tasks for a PC user, who are the editors take part in. But while the main think of the work needs a monster CPU, you can use the strength of a GPU to speed up some designs, transitions, and 3D modelling tasks. Its true You don’t need the world’s most powerful GPU for most tasks, but having a decent gaming graphics card can do a good and decent video editing experience.

These are the best graphics cards for video editing, no matter what your budget is.

Note: The following products are the best all-rounder graphics processing units (GPUs) for video editing and should be great with most editing software. However, some video editing software work better with certain brands of graphics cards than others. So, it is best to check your chosen editing software first before buying, to make sure the right graphics for you is going to give you decent results.

Best graphics cards for video editing

Best graphics card for video editing overall: AMD RX 6800 XT

Nvidia is the complete winner for the gaming GPUs. however,  AMD is a solid choice for video editing. At every level of graphics, AMD simply offers more video memory compare to similarly priced Nvidia cards. The 6800 XT comes with 16GB of GDDR6, which is more than enough for handling to edit 4K resolution videos, and it also provides some headroom for higher intensive video effects and transitions and 3d modelling.

As for performance, the 6800 XT sits between the RTX 3700 and RTX 3080, with the latter passing the 6800 XT in a handful of benchmarks. You can find RX 6800 XT on amazon at ₹ 1,15,699.00. In comparison, 3080 and 3090  are higher expensive cards.

If you are an Nvidia fan then, the RTX 3080 is a great alternative around the price of the 2070 Super, which much greater performance. The newly released RTX 3070 is slightly more expensive than the 6800 XT at $500, though with Nvidia’s new technology Ampere architecture, that extra money is being put to a good hand.

Although our recommendation is the 6800 XT, that should change soon.

Best budget graphics card for video editing: AMD RX 570

Amd rx 570

AMD’s Polaris graphics cards are older graphics in 2021, but still represent fantastic value for money compared to Nvidia’s same powered graphics card, as prices just keep on falling and falling. Now easily out-performed by the RX 5000-series, these cards are more cheaper than ever, and that makes the RX 570, with its fantastic 8GB of video memory, makes a fantastic entry-level video editing card. It has more than enough power for almost all video editing needs, and at around 24,999.00 for the 8GB version, it is affordable and it’s a great buy.

You will definitely more power and performance from our top choice but for around 80,000 less, the RX 570 gets surprisingly affordable and a good choice. But if the budget really matters, the RX 570 is an excellent choice. Clearly, It has more power and performance than Nvidia’s GTX 1650, despite being cheaper, but it may not be around forever. As stock clears and AMD moves over to its RDNA 2 architecture, these cards may start to sell out. Get one while you can.

Best compact graphics card for video editing: Nvidia GTX 1650 Mini ITX

Galax Nvidia GTX 1650

A compact graphics card means it can fit into small physical spaces, but with less need to show off your components at LAN parties, video editing CPUs can be built to the even smaller cabinet and micro ATX motherboards. The Nvidia GTX 1650 Mini ITX is a great choice there. It may only support 4GB of video memory, it doesn’t need any external power connector, is less than 6 inches long, and should be very quiet and cool due to its low thermal and power consumption.

This card is more expensive than our best budget option GPU and won’t perform as well as AMD RX 570, but it is absolutely tiny and would fit perfectly in mini-ITX PCs or other ultra-compact builds. Although it falls behind some of its core performance, that doesn’t mean this card isn’t capable of video editing. If it was cheaper than our budget option, we’d have picked it for that too. It will be more than capable of accelerating basic visual special effects and 3D transition and modelling work, and in a tiny shape and size too.

Best high-end graphics card for video editing: Nvidia RTX 3090

Nvidia Rtx 3090

Nvidia used to make a huge difference between consumer and professional level GPUs with the Titan series, and the last generation’s Titan RTX was our go-to high-end recommendation. Titan Graphics card is the story now, and with the new RTX 3090, you can get Titan-like performance at a low price. Even at 1,80,000, the 3090 soars above the Titan RTX with 24GB of GDDR6X memory and over 10,000 CUDA cores. The Titan RTX, at $2,500, offers 24GB of last-gen memory and a mere 4,608 CUDA cores.

The RTX 3090 has the same price as RTX 2080 Ti, but it beats it on the spec sheet and in real-world use. The RTX 3090 is the best of the best GPU right now when it comes to consumer graphics cards. However, it’s still $1,500. If you’re on a budget price and interested in video editing, it’s better to funnel a good chunk of that money into a better CPU and an affordable graphics card. With such high performance and power, the RTX 3090 is the overall killer for basic video editing, even at 4K and 8k editing. For any 3D work or animation, though, it shines and excels.

Nowadays, The big problem with Nvidia is finding a new 3000 series GPU. Nvidia is facing stock shortages with its two new 30-series GPUs. As the more expensive of the two currently on the market, you’re more likely to find a 3090 than you are a 3080. Still, we probably won’t see enough stock in retailers until Spring 2021.

If you favour AMD, there really isn’t an option on the level of 3090. The Radeon VII is close in some aspects, though you probably won’t find one in stock anywhere.

Best professional graphics card for video editing: Nvidia Quadro RTX 6000

Nvidia Quadro rtx 6000

As we look in terms of performance, the Quadro RTX 6000 might not seem as good a value as a card like the Nvidia RTX 3090. But for users that focus on video editing or CAD or Game development, it’s a sure winner. With 4,608 CUDA cores and 24GB of GDDR6 memory, you might feel like it’s overpriced at $4,000, but this isn’t a card designed for gaming. It’s for professional applications, video editing that requires frame-by-frame perfection.

Quadro gives the best performance in applications like CAD. While gaming video cards are designed to process multiple frames at once, the Quadro is excellent at producing high-quality final renders of your designs and 3D copying. For these applications, gaming cards won’t come close.

Nvidia proudly tells that they thoroughly tested the Quadro and has found that it works with most professional applications. Though very expensive the RTX 6000 is a great choice for graphic and design professionals. There are other less expensive options if the RTX6000 is a little out of your budget. The Quadro RTX 4000 is priced below $1,000.

Nvidia is launching the RTX A6000 soon, which means a drop in price for Quadro RTX 6000 cards could be soon to come on the secondhand market.


If you read the full article you should guess the best all overall graphics card for video editing. I recommend  the RX 6800 XT for good video memory of 8 GB. it gives both decent video editing performance and gaming performance.

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Best Graphics Card For Video Editing
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