Best Washing Machine Under 15000 in India – Top Washing Machine Under 15000 in India

Best Washing Machine Under 1500 in India - Top Washing Machine Under 15000 in India

In this article, we will look at some of the best washing machines under 15000 rupees. We will look at the LG WA80E5XEC, Samsung WA80E5XEC, LG P7015SRAY, and Godrej branded machines. Let’s compare the features of each machine and choose the best one for your home. The best washing machine under 15000 rupees depends on your budget and requirements.

Godrej branded washing machine

  • You can now buy Godrej branded washing machines in under 15k. They come with advanced technology and features to make your life easier. The high-tech engineering and innovative designs make them efficient without making you pay a high price for them. Godrej has its own mission – progress for every home and brighter life. It focuses on providing top-quality washing machines at affordable prices.
  • The Godrej WT 600C top-loading washing machine has 3 wash programs and three water levels. It lacks a fuzzy logic feature, which requires user input. It also has a pulsator and auto-balance features. It comes with a two-year warranty. And with the lowest price you can find, you can save a lot of money. Godrej is a popular brand in the Indian market, which means you can easily find a model that meets your needs.
  • Compared to other brands, Godrej washing machines have the lowest price range. You can choose from 40+ models available at ten+ online retailers, each with a different capacity and wash program. There is also a Godrej washing machine that offers 15 wash programs. The Godrej brand also has a wide selection of new models in the pipeline, so check back regularly for new updates. You can also compare Godrej washing machines under 15000 with the prices listed here.

Amazon Basics AB2020INWM001

The AmazonBasics AB2020INWM001 washing machine is one of the best buys for under fifteen thousand rupees. This machine is built for efficiency, with a Fuzzy Logic wash system that calculates the amount of water and soap needed for a proper wash cycle. The durable stainless steel drum will let your clothes dry completely inside the machine. It has eight wash programs, a delay timer, and a rinse/hold function.


This washing machine has an excellent wash quality and a good design. Its powerful motor runs at 700 RPM, which is ideal for cleaning and drying your clothes. You can get a three-year warranty on the motor. The washing machine itself has a one-year warranty, which is transferable to a new owner of the product. Warranty claims must be made through the Amazon application. It has some features that make it stand out from the crowd. Fuzzy logic measures the load and automatically programs the wash cycle for maximum cleaning. It also comes with a child lock feature for extra safety.


Other notable features of this machine include its memory that resumes the last wash cycle if the power is interrupted during the process. It also has six wash cycles and a delay start function for convenience. A large-capacity washing machine will be useful for small households as it has a capacity to hold 6.5kg of laundry. Its motor is also 680 RPM, and it produces a low-noise level. The motor is also covered by a five-year warranty. The machine is also incredibly durable, with an impressively high lifespan and excellent customer support.

Samsung Washing Machine

If you’re looking to purchase a top-loading washing machine for under 15000 dollars, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the features of the Samsung WA80E5XEC washing machine. This top-loading machine is powered by fuzzy logic and is ideal for washing clothes of various fabrics and with different amounts of laundry. It has four water levels, diamond-shaped depressions, and a powerful motor that makes 680 rotations per minute.


You can also find this washing machine on EMI. Pay in full upfront and then pay for the remaining amount on a monthly basis over a period of up to five years. You can pay using a credit card, or you can opt for Cash on Delivery. There are no hidden charges and you can use your debit or credit card to make payments over time. The Samsung WA80E5XEC washing machine under 15000 is available for purchase across most of India’s metro cities.


The Samsung WA80E5XEC washing machine offers six loads of washing capacity and includes Fuzzy Logic and Diamond Drum technologies. This machine is ideal for small families. Among other top-loading washing machines under 15000, the LG T7008TDDLP 6 kg washer comes with a 3-step wash option, 3 mini pulsators, and three water levels. Godrej WT620 CFS 6.2 kg washing machine has auto balance and a great price.

LG Washing Machine

Looking to buy a new LG P7015SRAY washing machine for less than 15000 rupees? Look no further! This 7.0 kg Semi Automatic Top Load washing machine comes with a 4-star rating and is available in major cities across India. Read on to find out more about this washing machine, as well as its RPM and other important specifications. Here’s our expert review and full specifications.


If you’re on a budget, the LG P7015SRAY washing machine comes with a 7 kg capacity and a 4-star rating. This washing machine is ideal for a large family and comes with top semi-automatic features and a reasonable price. Among its features, you’ll find three different wash programs, a collar scrubber, and a lint remover. This washing machine also removes lint and dirt from clothes and is able to wash delicate items.


LG’s P7015SRAY washing machine under 15K features three wash programs and a 7 kg capacity. It comes with a convenient Air Dry function and features an LG roller jet pulsator to ensure the best washing experience. In addition to its seven-kilogram capacity, this washing machine is also very energy-efficient. Its roller jet pulsator provides greater friction while washing your clothes.

Whirlpool Washing Machine

The Whirlpool WHITEMAGIC Elite 7.0 Gray washing machine is a powerful and easy-to-use machine that has been designed to make cleaning your clothes a breeze. Its Spa Wash System and Power Scrub Technology remove stubborn stains and dirt while maintaining the color and feel of your clothes. Designed for use in hard water, this machine provides the cleanest wash possible with less tangling, and 50% fewer holes.

Onida washing machine

If you’re looking for a high-quality washing machine under 15000 rupees, you should consider an Onida model. Onida offers 44 models in India. This model comes with water-saving technology and energy efficiency. It also has the added advantage of drying your clothes. With its low price, you can make the most of this deal. Listed below are some of the best Onida washing machines under 15000 rupees.


Onida washing machines come in two types, front-loading and top-loading. Front-loading machines have a horizontal tub, making them uncomfortable to use as you have to bend down to load or unload the clothes. Top-loading washing machines are ergonomically designed and do not require bending to use. They’re also easy to operate and maintain. They come with multiple wash programs to suit your needs.


Onida products are widely available in Indian markets. You can find Onida washing machines for under 15000 rupees in many online stores. The cheapest model is available for Rs7,990, while the average price is Rs8,542 – a great deal if you’re on a budget! But be sure to check for any other available discounts and special offers before making your purchase.


A top-of-the-range washing machine under 15000 rupees is the Samsung fully automatic model. This model comes with a water-resistant panel, three wash programs, and a powerful motor. You can get an exchange bonus of up to Rs 1,700 with this model, which is quite a bargain! In addition to its impressive price and 5-star energy rating, Samsung has a high-quality machine that comes with a 2-year warranty. The Samsung washing machine also has a diamond-shaped drum to deeply clean your clothes.

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Best Washing Machine Under 15000 in India - Top Washing Machine Under 15000 in India
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Best Washing Machine Under 15000 in India - Top Washing Machine Under 15000 in India
Best Washing Machine Under 15000 in India .Top Washing Machine Under 15000 in India
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