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FIFA World Cup 2022

FIFA World Cup 2022 Match Analysis, Match Report, Team Analysis, Team Report, Squad Prediction and much more

Preview and Prediction for Australia vs. Tunisia
Preview and Prediction for Australia vs. Tunisia


When Australia and Tunisia square off against one another on Saturday at Al Janoub Stadium, both teams are eager to snag a World Cup victory, as they are aware that if they do so, they will move a significant distance closer to the knockout stage.

Graham Arnold will look to rouse his team for a match against Tunisia, who will be buoyed by the massive support they received against Denmark, where they earned a 0-0 draw to advance to the semi-finals of the European Championship. Following Australia’s humiliating 4-1 loss to France, Graham Arnold will look to rouse his team for a match against Tunisia.

This performance for Tunisia, which was just the team’s second clean sheet in 16 matches at the World Cup, has heightened expectations of moving beyond the group stage for the first time, despite the fact that this is their sixth World Cup.

According to the team’s head coach, Jalel Kadri, “We want to move beyond this round; this is our primary aim, and we’re fairly hopeful about attaining this goal.”

It is a golden chance for them to take advantage of against a Socceroos team who had the lead against France before being defeated by the firepower of the current World Cup winners.

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Australia has failed to win any of their past seven matches on this level, which is their longest winless run in the tournament. Australia has lost 65% of its games in the World Cup, having lost 11 of their 17 matches.

During their match against Denmark, Tunisia only controlled the ball 38.7% of the time, while their passing accuracy in the other team’s half was a dismal 55.4%. The match ended in a scoreless tie.

While everything was going on, Australia’s possession percentage against France was just 37.6%, and as a result of the game’s results, they now have just one clean sheet to show for their 17 games played in this World Cup.

It was Kadri who made the following statement: “We’re playing a good group, and today we have one point; and we need spend this energy we have in the next match as well.”

“It gives us a fantastic boost, and we’re looking forward to seeing the supporters continuing to do that,” he stated in reference to the rowdy support that the audience was providing for his squad.

Jackson Irvine, a midfielder for Australia who now plays club football in Germany for St. Pauli, expressed his desire to see a reaction following the team’s loss to France.

His words were as follows: “To feel disappointed… is a huge testament to the mentality of the group and that desire to win and get results, and it’s definitely something we have in us all the time and continue to have going into these next couple of huge games.” He went on to say that the fact that they were disappointed was a huge testament to the fact that they wanted to win and get results.

Irvine predicted that “the game would flow in a very different manner” and cited the “extremely different opponent” as his justification.

Watch Out For These Players

Tunisia: Issam Jebali

In the match against Denmark, Jebali had the most of Tunisia’s scoring opportunities, with his three shots on goal having a combined value of 0.53 anticipated goals (xG) out of a total of 0.92 for the team. Andreas Cornelius (0.93) of Denmark was the only player on the field with a better xG score than anybody else, but he was unable to capitalize on a great opportunity to win the game from close range.

In their match against Australia, Tunisia will be hoping that Jebali can finish with more precision. Many people were astonished that the player from Montpellier did not participate in the game against Denmark; Kadri has Wahbi Khazri waiting in the wings, and he has promised that he would “get his moment.”

Jebali Tunisia

Australia: Mat Ryan

Both goalkeeper Ryan and winger Mathew Leckie have a chance to make their eighth World Cup appearances for Australia, which would create a new record for the most World Cup starts by an Australian player.

Ryan had a rough game against France because Kylian Mbappe, Olivier Giroud, and the rest of France’s offense made his life difficult. This time around at the World Cup, Ryan will try to achieve a rare shutout for his team.

Mat Ryan Australia


Our statistical model projects that Tunisia will emerge victorious in this contest with a probability of 47.3%, while Australia has just a 25.6% chance of claiming all three points on the line.

Therefore, there is a 27.1% chance of a tie, but given how much is at stake, it is very necessary for both teams to come out on top. You can probably guess that a draw would be a devastating blow to the dreams of both teams of making it to the round of the final 16 in the competition.

This will be just the third time that Tunisia and Australia have competed against one another. In their only previous meeting, in 1997, Australia won a friendly against Tunisia 3-0, but Tunisia went on to win the 2005 Confederations Cup.

Prediction for Argentina vs. Mexico
Prediction for Argentina vs. Mexico


Emiliano Martinez, the goalkeeper for Argentina, has referred to the match against Mexico in Group C as his nation’s “first World Cup final.” Argentina is looking to get back on track after suffering a shocking loss in the first match against Saudi Arabia.

The defeat at Lusail Stadium was Argentina’s fourth in their past six World Cup matches (W1, D1), which is as many as they had in their previous 25 in the tournament. Additionally, the loss put an end to Argentina’s lengthy unbeaten run, which had reached a total of 36 matches.

Argentina, who were widely considered to be among the tournament’s favorites to go all the way in Qatar, now find themselves in danger of an early exit and require a response. Aston Villa keeper Martinez is rallying the troops in preparation for Saturday’s match at the same venue as the earlier match.

“We’re suffering a lot from our first loss [in more than three years], and on top of that during the World Cup,” he added. “We’re hurting a lot from our first defeat [in more than three years].”

“We anticipated playing as if it were the championship game, but we didn’t do that. We let ourselves become a little too comfortable when we scored the first goal, and it cost us dearly. This Saturday will be our very first appearance in a World Cup final.

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The South Americans have not lost to Mexico in their last ten meetings, which date back to the 2004 Copa America. Additionally, Argentina has won all three of their previous World Cup meetings against Mexico, which took place in 1930, 2006, and 2010. This gives Argentina an advantage over Mexico in terms of history.

The Mexican national team has struggled to find the back of the net in this year’s World Cup. They have failed to score in each of their past three games, including their opening encounter against Poland, which ended in a scoreless draw thanks to Guillermo Ochoa’s penalty save on Robert Lewandowski.

Ochoa, who is 37 years old and taking part in his fifth World Cup, has never advanced past the round of 16, and Mexico has been eliminated at that stage in each of the last seven tournaments. Mexico’s best performance at a World Cup was reaching the quarterfinals in 1986, which was their home tournament.

Ochoa has had a lot of success with Mexico on the international stage, garnering 132 caps for his country, but he would give it all up if his country could get to the quarterfinals of the World Cup and tie their best-ever finish there.

After the score was tied with Poland, he said that he would “trade everything” in order to go to the fifth game. “Everything, I would give everything to get to the fifth game.”

A victory for Mexico would give them a significant boost in their attempt to advance to the knockout stages and could end Argentina’s tournament. This would give Mexico the opportunity to exact some measure of revenge for their loss to Argentina in their previous meeting at the World Cup, which took place in 2010.

This occurred in the round of 16, when Argentina defeated Mexico 3-1 courtesy to a brace scored by Carlos Tevez. The first of Tevez’s goals was disallowed because it was scored offside, and this was shown on the large screens inside the stadium, which naturally infuriated the Mexican team.

Watch Out For These Players

Argentina: Lautaro Martinez

Inter striker Martinez was unable to get past the opposition’s high line, which resulted in him being denied two opportunities to score his first World Cup goal during the team’s loss against Saudi Arabia. Both of these opportunities were thwarted by the offside flag. Martinez was the only player from Argentina to be called offside many times during the encounter (three, also Angel di Maria).

Martinez will need to become more engaged in the action since he only touched the ball 25 times throughout that loss. This was less touches than any of his teammates, with the exception of Julian Alvarez (12), who came on as a substitute 58 minutes into the game.

Lautaro Martinez – Touches versus Saudi Arabia

Mexico: Alexis Vega

Vega was the only player for Mexico who attempted five shots during their match against Poland, four of which were taken from within the box of the opposing team. On the other hand, not a single one of his shots on goal was successful in hitting the target.

Vega shown in that game that he will get into dangerous areas and create an offensive threat for Mexico. However, he will need to be more decisive in the final third of the field. Vega had six touches inside the box of the opponent.

Alexis Vega – xG map versus Poland


Argentina’s record of 13 consecutive triumphs over non-European sides, which dated back to 1990 and ended with their defeat to Saudi Arabia, came to an end with the loss, and the South Americans had never lost consecutive World Cup matches against teams from outside of Europe before.

Our very advanced algorithm predicts that run will continue, with Argentina having a 60.7% probability of triumph compared to Mexico’s 17.4% chance of achieving what would be an unforgettable victory.

2022 world cup
2022 world cup

When exactly will the World Cup take place?

The 22nd iteration of the showcase competition started on Monday, November 21, which is a significant change from its typical placement on the calendar in the months of June and July. On Wednesday morning, the tournament was kicked off with Qatar’s first match against Ecuador, while Australia’s national football team opened their campaign with a match against the reigning world champions, France. They will play Tunisia in their next encounter, which will take place on Saturday night at 9 p.m. local time (AEST).

Group D matches for the Socceroos:

Match between France and Australia will take place on November 23 at 6am AEDT.
Tunisia against Australia – Saturday 26 November, 9pm AEDT
The match between Australia and Denmark will take place on Thursday, December 1, at 2am AEDT. Australia players celebrate their win against Peru in the World Cup playoff penalty shootout, which secured their position for the tournament in Qatar.

This year is the last time that there will only be 32 teams competing in the game before it increases to 48 in 2026 throughout Canada, Mexico, and the United States. These teams will compete against one another in eight groups of four, with the winners and runners-up from each group advancing to the round of 16. The elimination round will begin early in the morning on December 4th, with the quarterfinals taking place on December 10th and the semifinals on December 14th.

On Monday, December 19, which is also Qatar National Day, the championship match is set to begin at 2:00 am AEDT (Australian Eastern Daylight Time). Over the course of the next month, a total of 64 matches are scheduled to be played.

What are the steps I need to take to watch and follow from Australia?

The Guardian is providing comprehensive liveblogging coverage of the competition, including live blogs for individual matches beginning in the group stage and continuing all the way up to the championship match.

Visit this page to see our comprehensive coverage of the Fifa World Cup 2022, or go right to our World Cup live blogging.

On the ground in Qatar will be a team of fifteen Guardian journalists, including Socceroos reporter Emma Kemp. These journalists will all be reporting on both the football that is played on the field as well as the many concerns that arise off of it.

For those who want to watch from the comfort of their own homes, every match will be shown live and exclusively on SBS for no additional cost, and live streaming will be accessible on SBS On Demand. SBS Viceland will also broadcast eight of the live games that are being played.

Where exactly is it taking place?

The whole competition for this year’s World Cup will take place inside a 55-kilometer radius of Doha, the capital city of Qatar. This will make it the World Cup tournament with the smallest geographical footprint in the competition’s history. There are a total of eight venues that will be used to host the matches, with the lowest having a capacity of 40,000 spectators (Stadium 974, Al Janoub Stadium, and Al Thumama Stadium), and the largest holding 80,000 spectators (Lusail Stadium, which will host the final).

Why is it considered contentious?

From the initial decision made by Fifa to award hosting rights to Qatar twelve years ago, to the country’s record on human rights, via its treatment of migrant workers and discriminatory laws, this World Cup has drawn attention for all the wrong reasons, more so than any other World Cup that has come before it. Many people feel uneasy about the event, but it will present a chance to make use of the spotlight that will be on Qatar to raise attention to the problems that exist there.

Is this the last big athletic event that will take place in this calendar year?

You would not be incorrect in assuming that there have been a number of World Cup competitions taking place recently if you have had this thought. The end of the year has been very busy due to the T20 World Cup, the men’s and women’s Rugby League World Cups, and the Women’s Rugby World Cup. There are still the short course swimming championships in Melbourne and a couple of Test cricket series to come in December if you aren’t already completely over sport. The tournament in Qatar, which will be played in the same year as the unusually held Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo, is not quite the last one of the 2022 though.

Interesting records that have never been broken in the history
Interesting records that have never been broken in the history

2022 फीफा विश्व कप आधिकारिक रूप से शुरू हो गया है, और यहां तक ​​कि अपने संक्षिप्त पहले कुछ दिनों में, इसने हमें कुछ अविश्वसनीय मैच दिए हैं और कई रिकॉर्ड तोड़े हैं। जैसा कि उद्घाटन मैच में हुआ था, उद्घाटन मैच में हार का सामना करने के लिए कतर घटना के इतिहास में पहला मेजबान देश था। और दूसरे दिन, एक और रिकॉर्ड टूट गया जब वेल्स ने लगातार विश्व कप के प्रदर्शन के बीच सबसे बड़े अंतर के निशान को तोड़ा। वेल्स ने 64 वर्षों के बाद टूर्नामेंट में अपना पहला गेम खेला, जो कि घटना के इतिहास में लगातार विश्व कप के बीच सबसे बड़ा अंतर था।

और अब, क्रिस्टियानो रोनाल्डो उस सूची में अपना नाम जोड़ सकते हैं क्योंकि वह फीफा विश्व कप के इतिहास में घाना के खिलाफ सभी पांच प्रतियोगिताओं में स्कोर करने वाले पहले खिलाड़ी बन गए हैं। एक नया कीर्तिमान स्थापित करने के लिए, पुर्तगालियों ने पेले, लियोनेल मेस्सी और गर्ड मुलर के खिलाफ जीत हासिल की।

फीफा विश्व कप के कुछ रिकॉर्ड ऐसे हैं जिनके भविष्य में टूटने की अच्छी संभावना है, लेकिन ऐसे रिकॉर्ड भी हैं जिन्हें तोड़ना बहुत कठिन है और ऐसे रिकॉर्ड भी हैं जो कभी नहीं टूट सकते। इनमें से कई रिकॉर्ड कई वर्षों तक समय की कसौटी पर खरे उतरे हैं, जबकि अन्य अभी हाल के दिनों में स्थापित किए गए हैं। वहीं, इनमें से कुछ रिकॉर्ड बार-बार टूटते रहे हैं और अब इन पर दावा करने के लिए किसी नए खिलाड़ी का इंतजार किया जा रहा है।

आइए एक नजर डालते हैं फीफा वर्ल्ड कप के इतिहास के सबसे बेहतरीन रिकॉर्ड्स पर।

क्या छठा होने वाला है?

अपने सुनहरे दिनों में वेल्श फ़ुटबॉल का शिखर

कई फीफा विश्व कप में सबसे ज्यादा गोल करने वाले खिलाड़ी

क्रिस्टियानो रोनाल्डो का नाम हमेशा याद रखा जाएगा क्योंकि वह विश्व कप इतिहास में हैट्रिक बनाने वाले पहले खिलाड़ी बने थे। पुर्तगाली फॉरवर्ड ने 2006 के बाद से हर विश्व कप में स्कोर किया है, और भले ही उन्होंने अपने देश के साथ टूर्नामेंट नहीं जीता हो, उन्होंने दिखाया है कि वह लंबे समय तक उच्चतम स्तर पर प्रतिस्पर्धी बने रह सकते हैं। 2006 विश्व कप के पुर्तगाल के दूसरे मुकाबले में, रोनाल्डो ने टूर्नामेंट का अपना पहला गोल किया, जो ईरान के खिलाफ हुआ। इसके अलावा, उन्होंने जो रिकॉर्ड तोड़ गोल किया, वह फीफा विश्व कप के पहले मुकाबले में था, जो घाना के खिलाफ खेला गया था।

रोनाल्डो के प्रतिद्वंद्वी लियोनेल मेसी ने भी 2006 से प्रत्येक विश्व कप में भाग लिया है, हालांकि उन्होंने दक्षिण अफ्रीका में कोई गोल नहीं किया। फिर भी, मेसी चार विश्व कप में स्कोर करने वाले एकमात्र खिलाड़ी नहीं हैं; रिकॉर्ड मेसी के अलावा तीन अन्य खिलाड़ियों द्वारा साझा किया गया है। इसमें महान ब्राजीलियाई खिलाड़ी पेले, जर्मन उवे सीलर और विश्व कप में अग्रणी स्कोरर मिरोस्लाव क्लोज शामिल हैं। पेले और सीलर ने 1958, 1962, 1966 और 1970 में लगातार चार बार फीफा विश्व कप जीता। इस बीच, क्लोस ने 2002, 2006, 2010 और 2014 में फीफा विश्व कप में गोल किए।

विश्व कप में सबसे अधिक जीत और चैंपियनशिप।

ब्राज़ील वह टीम है जिसने समग्र रूप से सबसे अधिक चैंपियनशिप जीती हैं, उनके रिकॉर्ड में कुल पाँच हैं। सांबालैंड के युवा पांच अलग-अलग मौकों पर इस प्रतियोगिता में विजयी रहे हैं: 1958, 1962, 1970 और 2002 में। रोमारियो, काफू और भी बहुत कुछ। हालाँकि, सेलेकाओ के पास अपने निपटान में कई अतिरिक्त रिकॉर्ड हैं। कुल 109 खेलों में से 73 में जीत के साथ 66.97 प्रतिशत का जीत प्रतिशत हासिल किया गया।

सांबा के लड़कों ने एक और कीर्तिमान स्थापित किया है: वे वह टीम हैं जिसने पूरी प्रतियोगिता में जीत का सही रिकॉर्ड बनाए रखते हुए सबसे अधिक चैंपियनशिप जीती हैं। उन्होंने 1970 और 2002 में दो बार इस उपलब्धि को पूरा किया है, जो उन्हें इटली के साथ रिकॉर्ड के लिए टाई में रखता है, जिन्होंने 1934 और 1938 के वर्षों में एक ही काम पूरा किया था।

किसी एक वर्ल्ड कप टूर्नामेंट में सबसे ज्यादा गोल।

तथ्य यह है कि खेल के सबसे कुशल खिलाड़ियों ने भी विश्व कप में अच्छा प्रदर्शन करने के लिए संघर्ष किया है, यह उन कारकों में से एक है जो इसे प्रमुख प्रतियोगिता की स्थिति तक ले जाते हैं। उदाहरण के लिए, लियोनेल मेस्सी और क्रिस्टियानो रोनाल्डो को लें, जिन्हें व्यापक रूप से खेल के इतिहास में दो सर्वश्रेष्ठ खिलाड़ियों के रूप में माना जाता है। दोनों खिलाड़ियों ने चार विश्व कप में भाग लिया है, फिर भी उन्होंने आपस में केवल सात गोल किए हैं। यह जर्मनी के मिरोस्लाव क्लोज द्वारा बनाए गए कुल गोलों का आधा नहीं है, जो गोल करने में टूर्नामेंट में सबसे आगे हैं।

चार प्रतियोगिताओं के दौरान, जर्मन ने 2002 और 2014 के बीच कुल 16 गोल किए। क्लोस ने 2002 में अपने पहले विश्व कप के दौरान पांच गोल किए, और फिर चार साल बाद जर्मनी में अपने प्रदर्शन के साथ उस कुल का मिलान किया। दक्षिण अफ्रीका में, उन्होंने चार और गोल किए, जिससे वह रोनाल्डो से केवल एक पीछे रह गए, जो उस समय अग्रणी स्कोरर थे। हालांकि, क्लोस उरुग्वे के खिलाफ प्ले-ऑफ में तीसरे स्थान के लिए खेलने में असमर्थ थे क्योंकि उन्हें बीमारी थी। ऐसा लग रहा था कि रोनाल्डो का रिकॉर्ड सुरक्षित है, लेकिन क्लोस ने 36 साल की उम्र में ब्राजील में अगले विश्व कप के लिए वापसी की और दो गोल किए।

फैबियन बार्थेज़ और पीटर शिल्टन विश्व कप में सबसे अधिक क्लीन शीट्स के रिकॉर्ड के लिए टाई। TWITTER.COM से छवि


18 नवंबर, 2022 — BET365 (@BET365)

प्रत्येक देश के रक्षा मंत्री। फीफा विश्व कप के इतिहास में शीर्ष 10 डिफेंडर

विजेता वे खिलाड़ी हैं जिन्होंने सबसे अधिक फीफा विश्व कप जीते हैं।

फीफा विश्व कप के पूरे इतिहास में केवल एक ही खिलाड़ी तीनों ट्राफियां जीतने में सफल रहा है। विचाराधीन खिलाड़ी एडसन अरांतेस डो नैसिमेंटो है, जो अपने उपनाम पेले से बेहतर जाना जाता है। ब्राजील के इस खिलाड़ी को व्यापक रूप से पूरे फुटबॉल समुदाय में खेल के सर्वकालिक महान खिलाड़ी के रूप में माना जाता है। पेले इस मायने में एक अद्वितीय एथलीट थे कि उन्होंने हर बार विश्व कप में प्रतिस्पर्धा करते हुए अपना सर्वश्रेष्ठ प्रदर्शन दिया। फुटबॉलर पहली बार 1958 में लोगों के ध्यान में आया, जब उसने विश्व कप में भाग लिया और छह गोल किए, जिसमें सेमीफाइनल में हैट्रिक और टूर्नामेंट के अंतिम गेम में एक ब्रेस शामिल था।

बाद के विश्व कप के दौरान, चोट लगने से पहले वह केवल दो मैचों में ही भाग ले पाए थे; फिर भी, ब्राजील अभी भी विजयी था। उसके बाद, वह सेलेकाओ को लगातार तीसरी चैंपियनशिप जीत दिलाने में असमर्थ रहे। दूसरी ओर, उन्होंने 1970 में फिर से टूर्नामेंट में भाग लिया, इस बार टीम में एक स्टार खिलाड़ी के रूप में जिसे कई लोग फीफा विश्व कप के इतिहास में सबसे महान मानते हैं।

पेले के बाद 20 अन्य खिलाड़ी ऐसे हुए हैं जिन्होंने दो विश्व कप जीते हैं। इनमें से अधिकांश खिलाड़ी 1930 के दशक में बैक-टू-बैक चैंपियनशिप जीतने वाले इतालवी दस्ते और 1960 के दशक में बैक-टू-बैक खिताब जीतने वाली ब्राज़ीलियाई टीम में थे। लुइस मोंटी इन खिलाड़ियों में से एक हैं, और उन्हें दो अलग-अलग देशों के साथ लगातार दो विश्व कप जीतने का अनूठा गौरव प्राप्त है। वह 1930 में उरुग्वे और 1934 में इटली के प्रतिनिधि थे।

विश्व कप में पेले का प्रदर्शन:

4 टूर्नामेंट 3 खिताब 14 खेल 12 गोल
10 सहायता इस ट्विटर लिंक पर जाएँ: 4BZOVKEOK

  • ब्राजील फुटबॉल 🇧🇷 (@BRASILEDITION) अक्टूबर 23, 2019

दो टीमों के बीच होने वाला वह मुकाबला जो सबसे अधिक बार खेला जाता है।

अर्जेंटीना और जर्मनी के बीच मुकाबला, जिसने संयुक्त रूप से छह चैंपियनशिप जीती हैं, फीफा विश्व कप के इतिहास में सबसे अधिक प्रतिस्पर्धी मैच होने का गौरव रखता है। इन दोनों टीमों ने विश्व कप प्रतियोगिता में सात बार एक दूसरे के खिलाफ मुकाबला किया है, जिसमें तीन फाइनल मैच शामिल हैं। 1958, 1966, 1986, 1990, 2006, 2010 और 2014 में हुए विश्व कप में ये मैच खेले गए थे। 1958 में हुए पहले गेम में, अर्जेंटीना के खिलाफ पश्चिम जर्मनी विजयी हुआ। दूसरे मैच में, जो आठ साल बाद इंग्लैंड में हुआ, वे बिना स्कोर के खेले।

हालाँकि, उनके अगले दो मैच विश्व कप फाइनल में थे, और वे एक-दूसरे के खिलाफ फाइनल में खेले। अर्जेंटीना पहले फाइनल में जीत गया, जो 1986 में हुआ था, और पश्चिम जर्मनी ने दूसरा फाइनल जीता, जो चार साल बाद हुआ था। तब से, जर्मनी ने अपने बाद के सभी तीन मैच जीते हैं, जिसमें 2006 में एक पेनल्टी पर जीता, एक 2010 में जहां उन्होंने दक्षिण अमेरिकी टीम को 4-0 से हराया, और एक 2014 में जिसने उन्हें दिया मारियो गोत्ज़े द्वारा किए गए अतिरिक्त समय के गोल की बदौलत उनका चौथा विश्व कप खिताब।

अधिकांश आयोजनों में देशों द्वारा प्रतिस्पर्धा की गई

विश्व कप के इतिहास में ब्राजील एकमात्र ऐसा देश है जिसने टूर्नामेंट के प्रत्येक पुनरावृत्ति में प्रतिस्पर्धा की है। दक्षिण अमेरिकी राष्ट्र एकमात्र ऐसा देश है जिसने विश्व कप के प्रत्येक पुनरावृत्ति में प्रतिस्पर्धा की है, इस तथ्य के कारण कि उसने 1938 से प्रत्येक टूर्नामेंट के लिए क्वालीफाई किया है। उस समय के दौरान, उन्होंने विश्व कप के सात फाइनल में भाग लिया है। जिनमें से उसने पांच जीते हैं और केवल दो हारे हैं।

सूची में अगला विश्व कप के चार बार विजेता जर्मनी है, जिन्होंने 1930 और 1950 में आयोजित विश्व कप को छोड़कर हर विश्व कप में भाग लिया है, जिससे उनकी उपस्थिति की कुल संख्या 20 हो गई है। यदि इटली चार बार और जीता होता, वे जर्मनी के साथ गति से होते, लेकिन वे 2018 या 2022 में विश्व कप के लिए क्वालीफाई नहीं कर पाए, इस प्रकार उनका कुल योग अब 18 है। जर्मनी ने कुल 18 विश्व कप जीते हैं। दो विश्व चैंपियनशिप के धारक फ्रांस ने 16 टूर्नामेंटों के लिए क्वालीफाई किया है, जो स्पेन और इंग्लैंड के बराबर है, जिनमें से प्रत्येक ने एक विश्व चैंपियनशिप जीती है।

विश्व कप में सबसे ज्यादा हैट्रिक लगाने वाले खिलाड़ी

जब भी आप हैट्रिक स्कोर करते हैं, तो यह एक बड़ी उपलब्धि की तरह लगता है। लेकिन जब विश्व कप के दौरान ऐसा होता है तो सनसनी और बढ़ जाती है। फिर भी, विश्व कप में हैट्रिक हासिल करना कोई आसान उपलब्धि नहीं है, और इसे दो बार हासिल करना उससे भी बड़ी चुनौती है। यही कारण है कि सबसे अधिक प्रतिस्पर्धी प्रतियोगिता में अब तक केवल चार खिलाड़ी ही दो हैट्रिक हासिल करने में सफल रहे हैं। फ्रांस के रहने वाले जस्ट फॉनटेन, पोलैंड के सांडोर कॉक्सिस, जर्मनी के गर्ड मुलर और अर्जेंटीना के गेब्रियल बतिस्तुता चार खिलाड़ी हैं।

1958 के फीफा विश्व कप में, फोंटेन ने दो अलग-अलग हैट ट्रिक जीतीं, एक पराग्वे के खिलाफ और दूसरी पश्चिम जर्मनी के खिलाफ, जिसमें उन्होंने कुल चार गोल किए। टूर्नामेंट के समाप्त होने के बाद, उनके खाते में कुल 13 गोल थे, जो अभी भी एक विश्व कप में सबसे अधिक गोल करने का रिकॉर्ड है।

गर्ड मुलर ने 1970 के विश्व कप में (बुल्गारिया और पेरू के खिलाफ) केवल दो हैट्रिक बनाए। वह 1954 में हंगरी के सांडोर कोक्सिस और 1958 में फ्रांस के जस्ट फोंटेन के नक्शेकदम पर चलते हुए विश्व कप के एकल संस्करण में दो हैट्रिक लगाने वाले सिर्फ तीन खिलाड़ियों में से एक हैं। #OPTAWCYEARS

– OPTAJOE (@OPTAJOE) 30 अप्रैल, 2020

कोक्सिस की दोनों हैट्रिक 1954 फीफा विश्व कप में दक्षिण कोरिया और पश्चिम जर्मनी के खिलाफ केवल चार दिनों के अंतराल में बैक-टू-बैक खेलों में हुईं। मुलर्स की दोनों हैट्रिक 1970 फीफा विश्व कप में हुई थी, जो मैक्सिको में आयोजित किया गया था। उन्होंने बुल्गारिया और पेरू के खिलाफ हैट्रिक बनाई थी।

दो अलग-अलग विश्व कपों में हैट्रिक बनाने वाले पहले खिलाड़ी, बतिस्तुता ने 1994 के टूर्नामेंट में ऐसा किया जब उन्होंने ग्रीस और 1998 के टूर्नामेंट में जमैका खेला।

A History of the Official Song of the FIFA World Cup Hindi
A History of the Official Song of the FIFA World Cup Hindi

एक समय था जब आने वाले फीफा विश्व कप से जुड़े गाने उस उत्साह में योगदान नहीं देते थे जो पहले से ही बढ़ रहा था। क्या आप कभी थाह ले सकते हैं कि ऐसा हो रहा है? हम दोनों भी नहीं कर सकते! इसमें एक ही तरह का वाइब बिल्कुल नहीं है। एक विश्व कप के इर्द-गिर्द प्रसारित होने वाले गान और गाने, चाहे वे आधिकारिक हों या अनधिकृत, उनके लिए एक अनुष्ठानिक गुण है।

यह संघ 1962 के विश्व कप का है, जो चिली में आयोजित किया गया था। उस समय, चिली के रॉक बैंड लॉस रेम्बलर्स के लोकप्रिय गीत “एल रॉक डेल मुंडियाल” को टूर्नामेंट के आधिकारिक गीत के रूप में चुना गया था। तब से, सनक कई कारणों से लोकप्रिय बनी हुई है, जिनमें व्यवसाय और भावनाओं से जुड़े कारण भी शामिल हैं।

मौलिक अवधारणा एक पॉप गीत लिखना है जो पूरे विश्व में लोकप्रिय है, साथ ही देश की परंपरा में गहराई से जुड़ा हुआ है जो प्रतियोगिता के लिए घर खेल रहा है।

इस अवसर पर रणनीति ने कार्यक्रम के आयोजकों और संगीतकारों के लिए शानदार सकारात्मक परिणाम प्राप्त किए हैं, लेकिन अन्य मामलों में, गलती से, इतना नहीं।

हालाँकि, घबराने की कोई आवश्यकता नहीं है क्योंकि Bada Market ने एक क्रॉस प्रदान किया है जो इतना शानदार है कि केविन डी ब्रुइन भी इससे प्रसन्न होंगे, और उन्होंने शीर्ष पांच बैंगर्स का चयन किया है जिन्हें आप अभी भी जाम कर सकते हैं और वास्तव में करना चाहिए।

एल रॉक डेल मुंडियाल लॉस रामब्लर्स, चिली 1962 द्वारा

रॉक/जैज/आत्मा प्रेमी एकजुट! क्योंकि 1962 में चिली में आयोजित विश्व कप का यह उत्तेजक भजन इन सभी संगीत शैलियों का एक सामंजस्यपूर्ण संयोजन है, इस तथ्य के बावजूद कि इसके शीर्षक का अंग्रेजी अनुवाद “द वर्ल्ड कप रॉक” है।

भले ही गाने के बोल केवल विश्व कप पर बहुत कम ध्यान केंद्रित करते हों और गहराई प्रदान करने के लिए अन्य सांस्कृतिक घटकों को शामिल करने में विफल हों, यदि आप स्पेनिश नहीं जानते हैं, तो आपको यह समझने में कोई परेशानी नहीं होगी कि इसका शाब्दिक अर्थ क्या है गाने माना जाता है।

एल रॉक डेल मुंडियाल एक ऐसा माहौल प्रस्तुत करता है जो हर दूसरे मामले में समकालीन विश्व कप के अधिकांश गीतों से अलग है। इसका मतलब यह नहीं है कि इस हिट से ‘वाइब चेक’ किसी भी तरह से विफल हो गया था। इसने उड़ते हुए रंगों के साथ परीक्षण किया।

शकीरा और फ्रेशलीग्राउंड की “वाका वाका”, 2010 में दक्षिण अफ्रीका में रिलीज़ हुई

शकीरा और फ्रेशलीग्राउंड के गीत “वाका वाका” को अब एक वास्तविक पंथ क्लासिक माना जाता है, जब यह पहली बार रिलीज़ होने पर चार्ट पर आ गया था। संगीत वीडियो को 3.3 बिलियन से अधिक बार देखा गया है, जो निश्चित रूप से इसकी लोकप्रियता के बारे में कुछ कहता है।

शकीरा की शक्तिशाली आवाज और गीत में उत्साहित, लयबद्ध लय का संयोजन एक उत्साहित, हंसमुख भावना पैदा करता है जो श्रोता को अपने अंगों को हिलाने और नाचने के लिए मजबूर करता है।

शीर्ष 3 के बाहर इसकी स्थिति में योगदान देने वाले कारकों में से एक तथ्य यह है कि यह विश्व कप के आसपास महत्वपूर्ण मात्रा में चर्चा नहीं करता है।

इफ देयर इज़ अ वे, बाय अवु, ब्राज़ील 2014

2014 में ब्राजील में विश्व कप का अनौपचारिक थीम भजन एक ऐसा गीत है जो उत्थान और मनोरंजक दोनों है, श्रोताओं को गीत के गहरे महत्व में शामिल करने के लक्ष्य के साथ उनका मनोरंजन करते हुए भी। यह आपको उन मुद्दों और अवधारणाओं पर विचार करने के लिए प्रोत्साहित करता है जो आपके जीवन के लिए प्रासंगिक हैं।

Awu अपने दर्शकों में फुटबॉल की प्रशंसा करने के अलावा, एक दूसरे के बारे में रूढ़िवादिता को बनाए रखने के बजाय, एक दूसरे के अद्वितीय गुणों के साथ-साथ सहानुभूति को महत्व देने और आनंद लेने के लिए प्रोत्साहित करता है।

आपको ऐसा महसूस होगा जैसे आपको एक ध्वनिक आलिंगन दिया जा रहा है और जब आप एक पृष्ठभूमि पर आउ की शांत और प्यारी आवाज सुनते हैं, जिसे शांत करने के लिए विशेषज्ञ रूप से तैयार किया गया है, तो आपका मूड अच्छा हो जाएगा।

1998 में फ्रांस में प्रकाशित रिकी मारिन की “ला ​​कोपा डे ला विदा”

रिकी मार्टिन का गीत “ला कोपा दे ला विदा”, जो अंग्रेजी में “द कप ऑफ लाइफ” का अनुवाद करता है, को 1998 में फ्रांस में आयोजित विश्व कप के लिए आधिकारिक गान के रूप में चुना गया था।

यह एक धमाकेदार सिंगल है जिसने मार्टिन के एल्बम ‘वुएलवे’ को 1999 से गाने चार्ट के शीर्ष पर पहुँचाया और उसे ग्रैमी अवार्ड दिलाया। यह गीत मार्टिन के सुरीले स्वरों और टक्कर से उत्पन्न जीवंत चर्चा के कारण प्रशंसकों का पसंदीदा है। ये दोनों तत्व मिलकर गीत को ऊर्जा से सराबोर कर देते हैं।

यह गाना बहुत मजेदार है, लेकिन यह इस तथ्य के बावजूद बहुत अधिक मटमैला होने से बचता है कि यह सबसे महत्वपूर्ण फुटबॉल टूर्नामेंट और सबसे सुंदर खेल की प्रशंसा कर रहा है।

वाविन फ्लैग डेविड बिस्बल की विशेषता वाले के’नान का एक गीत है जिसे 2010 में दक्षिण अफ्रीका में रिलीज़ किया गया था।

क्या यह सूची में सबसे ऊपर नहीं होना चाहिए?

सोमाली-कनाडाई रेगे संगीतकार कन्नन द्वारा इस धुन की सफलता और प्रतिभा का मतलब है कि अब तक, इसने अपने स्वयं के समृद्ध जीवन का आविष्कार किया है। कन्नन को ट्रैक लिखने, निर्माण करने और प्रदर्शन करने का श्रेय दिया जाता है।

संगीत एक ही समय में बेहद स्पंदित, फंकी और मजबूत है। लहराता हुआ झंडा तेजी से अपने मूल संदर्भ से परे चला गया और अपने प्रतिष्ठित कोरस के परिणामस्वरूप फुटबॉल और अन्य खेलों के लिए एक राष्ट्रीय और यहां तक ​​कि अंतरराष्ट्रीय गान के रूप में विकसित हुआ। तथ्य यह है कि यह वीडियो गेम f

mexico vs poland
Mexico vs poland


Robert Lewandowski’s confidence in Poland’s ability to challenge Mexico in Group C is evident in his desire to score in his first World Cup. Lewandowski wants Mexico to be ready for a difficult matchup with Poland, so he’s sending that message their way. In this section, Poland will face Mexico for the first time. First up for Poland in this group is a clash with Mexico. In all of Lewandowski’s years working, this has never occurred to him.

Poland’s qualification to the tournament was largely due to the prolific striker’s nine goals and four assists. He was directly responsible for fifteen of Poland’s seventeen victories. He was a crucial figure in Poland’s victory. He had more than twice as many direct goal involvements than any other player on the team with his 13.

For his part, in his lone previous World Cup appearance, four years ago in Russia, he failed to score a single goal, a major factor in Poland’s dismal performance in Group Play. His only previous World Cup team, Poland, did not get out of their group. During Poland’s last World Cup appearance, the team finished bottom in their group. He has never appeared in a World Cup match prior to this one. He had never taken part before. This will be his last World Cup competition for the foreseeable future.

During the relevant time period, the great player scored 211 goals for Barcelona and is now eager to redeem himself in Qatar. He now has a 42-goal advantage over Kylian Mbappe, who is in second place with 117 goals for his club, thanks to this. Mbappe led his side in scoring with 117 goals. Mbappe now has 117 goals for his side.

When I hear that phrase, my mind instantly goes to the most recent World Cup,” he was quoted as saying. [Use at least one citation] For as long as I can remember, it has been a personal desire of mine to score a goal in the World Cup. That’s something I’ve always wanted to be able to say. There must be further allusions.

The events of this World Cup will likely resemble the one detailed above. Now that the World Cup is finished, I can relax and think back on what I accomplished while I was here.

Poland’s sudden exit from the conflict with Russia wasn’t unprecedented, but it nevertheless caught everyone off surprise. Poland withdrew from the tournament, as was largely predicted. While they have qualified for three of the previous five tournaments, they have failed to advance beyond the group round in every championship trip since 1986. Three out of the last five competitions they entered, they were eliminated early. Despite qualifying for three of the last five tournaments, they have never made it beyond the group round.

The first opponent, Team Mexico, has qualified for the knockout round of the tournament every time except 1978. To begin, Mexico will be the United States’ main enemy. Therefore, Mexico will confront a strong opponent if it enters the competition. It’s quite possible that Mexico will be the first nation outside of the United States with which we go to war. The facts of the prior assertion and the current one are polar opposites. Mexico will be the first round tournament opponent.

Mexico’s World Cup prospects are slim after being drawn in a group alongside heavyweights Argentina and Saudi Arabia. There will undoubtedly be a heightened level of competition now that Mexico is in the same group as Argentina. However, in the last six World Cups, Mexico has won its first game five times. In addition to the one that occurred in 2010, three more are scheduled for the years 2014, 2018, and 2022. A win to kick off the 2014 World Cup was even achieved (which they won).

After a string of losses this year, supporters and the media are putting pressure on the club’s head coach, Gerardo Martino, to produce wins quickly. Therefore, he has decided to label himself as “public enemy number one.”

During the heated news conference in September, he went on to say, “I see people thrilled when a colleague loses or performs poorly at work.” This response was made because of the controversy caused by the first. September will be the month for our get-together. Another responder said, “I witness individuals cheering when a colleague loses or performs badly at work,” when questioned about this phenomenon. I get a kick from witnessing other people pleased because they are entirely involved in what they are doing, as another person put it: “I see persons cheering when a colleague loses or performs poorly at work.” Seeing folks light up like that brightened my day. Whenever I am in comfortable surroundings, I am able to do this work without any trouble or discomfort.

One must first consider the group as a whole in light of this. This is the lone most important consideration. The need that they accompany the coach to every game bans them from taking part in the competition.

Three defeats in a row in their past five international games is a new low for Mexico. Mexico’s most recent loss was a 2-1 setback versus Sweden in a friendly match. This was Mexico’s third straight loss, after their defeats to Brazil and Chile. Mexico’s team performance was terrible, as they lost all three games in the series. It was Mexico’s third consecutive loss, and fifth in the last seven days, after they were defeated by Sweden. All five games Mexico played which they lost were won by their opponents. In contrast, Poland has won its past two games, both of which were shutouts thanks to the Polish defense.

The following players appearing in forthcoming match

Mexican Hirving Lozano.
Mexcio had the best defensive record in the third round of CONCACAF qualifying play. There was no other team with a better record (eight clean sheets). While every other team in the competition has struggled to score, Mexico has had the toughest time of any team. They have the worst records in the competition in both categories.

Raul Jimenez has only appeared in three Premier League games for Wolves this season due to health concerns. As a result, Lozano must face an even greater amount of the burden for Wolves’ goal-scoring.

The leading scorer for Napoli is having a great season for his side and has World Cup experience after scoring against Germany in 2018. This year’s competition won’t be any different, because to his already great reputation. Napoli’s club team has been impressive so far in this season. Napoli has made it all the way to the Europa League quarterfinals after previously competing in and advancing through the tournament’s earlier rounds.

Totally Amazing Lozano, H. For this match, Poland will take against Mexico. Robert Lewandowski is counted on to lead Poland to victory and bring home the title.
Even though Poland’s qualification rests on a variety of variables beyond the number of goals scored by Lewandowski alone, it is clear that the team will need its star player to be in fantastic form if they are to make any sort of meaningful mark in the tournament.

As far as Lewandowski and his new squad Barcelona are concerned, their first season together has been a success. Now in his first season at Barcelona, Lewandowski is a rookie for the Catalan club. Lewandowski is making his debut for Barcelona in his first season with the club. Only Erling Haaland (23) and Kylian Mbappe (18) in Europe’s top five divisions have scored more goals than Lewandowski. Lewandowski is the team’s leading scorer with 18 tallies. Lewandowski has 18 goals in the professional leagues thus far in his career (19).

It has been 20 years since Poland last scored an open-play goal at the World Cup, much to their dismay. This drought is unprecedented in the tournament’s history. As far as I can tell, this is the longest period without a goal in the tournament’s entire history. A longer scoring drought has never occurred in the tournament’s previous iterations. Since then, five of their six goals have sprung directly from set-piece attacks. After then, it stayed that way for the rest of the game. Every time this has come up in the tournament thus far, this has been the result.

To put it simply, Lewandowski will win every single game and event in 2022 and 2023.


Whether or not club progresses to the round of 16 and confronts the strong favorite, Argentina, may depend on the outcome of this matchup, which will take place at Stadium 974. For this reason, the result of this game is crucial. If this is the case, a lot depends on the outcome of this game.

In spite of Mexico being placed 13 places higher than Mexico in the most recent FIFA rankings, our supercomputer’s prediction engine cannot discern the difference between the two Mexicos. Although Mexico is the most prevalent name for the nation, the scenario has occurred anyhow.

Poland has a 35% chance of winning, Mexico a 35% chance, and the match ending in a draw has a 35% chance of happening. Mexico has a 35% probability of winning. In addition, the game is forecast to end in a tie 29% of the time. There is also the possibility that the game may conclude in a tie, which accounts for 29.2 percent of the outcomes.

denmark vs tunisia
denmark vs tunisia


Before the tournament even began, everyone had Denmark labeled as the tournament’s second-favorite team, but they ended up being the biggest surprise of the whole event.

This was in no little part owing to their remarkable accomplishments: despite losing their first two group games, they went on to obliterate Russia and Wales and then beat the Czech Republic to reach the semi-finals. This was somewhat attributable to this happening partly because this happening partly because this happening partly because

Non-Danes had become fond of the team for another reason, despite the fact that they were eliminated from the competition in the semifinals by England.

Fearful sights of medical staff attempting to resuscitate Christian Eriksen on the pitch after he had fallen out left viewers praying for the best for the player and his teammates, who created a barrier around him, during Denmark’s opening defeat to Finland in Copenhagen. During the game, Christian Eriksen fainted, and his teammates quickly formed a protective circle around him.

It’s not only that Eriksen avoided any lasting damage in the experience; he’s also back to compete at the highest level. In March, he received a standing ovation after making an appearance off the bench in a game against the Netherlands, and he promptly scored two minutes later. The Netherlands served as the venue for the contest.

Despite the symbolic and motivational value of the Manchester United midfielder’s participation in Qatar, the team’s head coach, Kasper Hjulmand, is aware that his players will need more than simply optimism to prevail. “I think we’re in a terrific situation, but you cannot only go on emotions and play,” he said, emphasizing that you can’t depend solely on your emotions when playing. To be successful on the playing field, we’ll need top-tier athletes.

We have all the gear we need, and the level of football we play is on par with that of other clubs.

Denmark, however, proved they were more than just a one-tournament wonder by dominating their World Cup qualifying group, winning their first nine games and conceding no goals in their first eight matches.

Fullback Joakim Maehle is a key player for South Africa, and Tunisia will need to keep tabs on him whole game. Atalanta’s player has more assists than any other player for Denmark at Euro 2020, and his five goals were tied for the most by any Dane. Andreas Skov Olsen also scored five goals for Denmark. It’s safe to say that he was the key contributor to more goals than anybody else on the team. No other Dane who made it to the World Cup had a better goal-scoring record than he did (three – two goals and one assist).

However, the Eagles of Carthage will have a hard time beating Tunisia because of their skill at keeping games close and limiting scoring opportunities for the other team.

Jalel Kadri was promoted as head coach after the team’s disappointing performance in the Africa Cup of Nations, when they were ousted in the quarterfinals by Burkina Faso. He got off to a winning start by guiding the squad to a 2-0 series win against Mali in their bid to reach Qatar 2022. From then, they won four of their next five games until being blown out 5-1 by Brazil in a friendly in September.

As a result of his high expectations, he has said that he would quit the team if they do not make it to the quarterfinals of the 2022 World Cup. A failure to go beyond the group stage would be seen as a failure on my part since my compensation is tied to my performance.

Although they won’t be easy to defeat, Tunisia will need to up their game compared to previous World Cup appearances if they want to establish a name for themselves.

When compared to teams that have played at least 15 games in the tournament, this is the third-highest percentage. The only teams with a better record than this are Saudi Arabia (69%) and Australia (63%), each of which has won 10 of 16. After losing 9 of their 15 World Cup matches (60%), Tunisia was eliminated from competition. If all teams that have played at least 15 games in the tournament were ranked by percentage, this one would be third.

Their track record versus European teams in the World Cup is also less than stellar, as they have faced up against more European teams than any other country without ever emerging triumphant. Further, no other squad has faced off against more European teams in a World Cup (D3 L7). They have lost the last four times they have competed in this tournament, and all four of those losses came at the hands of European teams. Indeed, this explanation accounts for each and every one of their losses (Spain and Ukraine in 2006, England and Belgium in 2018).

Remember These Performers

Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg, a Dane
To complement Eriksen’s more polished technique, the Spurs player who has established himself as one of Europe’s most outstanding deep-lying midfielders will give the drive in the center of the field.

Only Manchester City’s Rodri has tried more passes than Hojbjerg this season in the Premier League. Hojbjerg’s four secondary assists rank fifth in Europe’s top five leagues, behind only Pedri (seven), Lionel Messi, Mario Gotze, and Joshua Kimmich (all six) and Harvey Barnes and Hojbjerg (both five). Hojbjerg has the fewest assists (4) of the players. So far in Premier League season, only Rodri of Manchester City’s roster has attempted more passes than Hojbjerg (the pass before the assist).

A. Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg Tunisia vs. Denmark Prediction
Mr. Wahbi Khazri of Tunisia
A former player for Sunderland and Saint-Etienne, the striker will be required to demonstrate his skills once again in Qatar as he has been his country’s most significant player on the international scene. He has previously represented Saint-Etienne and Sunderland on the pitch.

Khazri has played a key role in all four of Tunisia’s goals in this World Cup (two goals, two assists). This year, Khazri has already contributed to three goals for Tunisia in international competition (two goals, one assist).

Wahbi Khazri makes a forecast for the next encounter between Tunisia and Denmark.


Hjulmand’s squad will enter the match as heavy favorites to win at Education City Stadium, probably because to the strong play of the Danish national team and the traditionally dismal record of Tunisia in World Cup events. At Education City Stadium, Hjulmand’s team will be the clear favorites to win.

The Stats Perform AI model predicts a 65.0% chance of victory for Denmark and a 13.9% chance for Tunisia.

In light of Denmark’s lack of a proven striker and their opponents’ penchant to close out games, a draw (21.1%) seems like the most probable scenario.

france vs autralia
france vs autralia


France was a popular option for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar after their dominating performance in the 2014 World Cup.

On paper, they have a lineup that would make the majority of FIFA 23 players salivate with want. At least, they did so until the number of injuries started to increase.

The 2018 success-critical midfielders Paul Pogba and N’Golo Kante have both been ruled out. In the days after the announcement of Didier Deschamps’ squad, two more key players have been forced to withdraw due to injury.

Even if the RB Leipzig attacker was unlikely to start, Christopher Nkunku’s absence was a setback. Nkunku’s 48 goal contributions (37 goals and 11 assists) in 2022 were second only to Kylian Mbappe’s 57 goal contributions (43 goals and 14 assists) among players from Europe’s top five leagues. Mbappe is a member of the French national squad.

Then there was Karim Benzema’s retirement, which was a significant event considering that the 2022 Ballon d’Or winner scored 44 goals in 46 games for Real Madrid in 2021-22, which contributed to the club’s La Liga and Champions League victories.

Nonetheless, if there is any nation capable of withstanding such a double assault, it would have to be France.

Mbappe will likely start the opening encounter against Australia either Olivier Giroud or Antoine Griezmann, depending on which of the two Deschamps selects to partner him. It seems likely that Deschamps will choose the same offensive trio he used at the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia.

Giroud is currently just two goals behind Thierry Henry (51) for Les Bleus’ all-time record in goals scored.

During a press conference conducted on Friday, the Milan striker said, “Of course I have a personal incentive to beat [Henry], but our main purpose as a team is to advance as far as possible in the competition.”

To be successful, France will need to improve on their previous performance, since they have only won one of their last six UEFA Nations League matches between June and September (D2, L3).

Their first opponent is an Australian team that narrowly qualified for the Qatar tournament and only did so due to a stunning penalty shootout win against Peru in a play-off match.

Although dancing substitute goalkeeper Andrew Redmayne was the hero of the day, Socceroos head coach Graham Arnold will need inspiration from others if his team is to improve its World Cup record.

In 2006, when Arnold was Guus Hiddink’s assistant coach, they were the only team to go beyond the group stage. Prior to then, they were ousted from competition four out of five times in the group stage.

Only Bulgaria (12%; three of 26) has a poorer record than Australia among teams that have played 10 or more games in the finals (two of 16 wins). Australia has only won 13% of their World Cup matches (two of 16).

They have also suffered a blow due to injuries, as Martin Boyle has withdrew from the tournament due to his inability to recover from a knee injury. Arnold is certain that the 21-year-old winger for Melbourne City, Marco Tilio, will do well in his absence.

Arnold remarked, “Marco has done all required of him to be prepared for this event.” Marco has “accomplished every request made of him.” “He was a key member of our Tokyo 2020 Olympic squad, he has started the men’s season well in the A-League, and he is familiar with the national team set-up, so we are excited to see what he can offer to our group for the tournament,”

Beware Of These Players

Kylian Mbappe, from France
Losing players like Nkunku and Benzema is never a good thing, but the impact is mitigated when you still have access to perhaps the most exciting forward in world football.

Mbappe contributed significantly to France’s 2018 World Cup victory by scoring four goals in seven games. During the competition, the young French star not only became his country’s youngest-ever World Cup scorer (19 years and 183 days old), but also only the second teenager ever to score in a World Cup final, following in the footsteps of Pele, who did so in 1958 against Sweden.

In addition, he has been almost unstoppable for Paris Saint-Germain this season, as seen by the 19 goals he has scored in 20 appearances for the Ligue 1 champions.

Mbappe scores for Paris Saint-Germain.
Australia: Mat Ryan
Not only because the defending world champions are expected to give Australia a lot of shots, but also because Ryan has a great deal of experience, which this team sorely requires.

The former Valencia and Arsenal goalkeeper has seen little action for Copenhagen this season due to Kamil Grabara’s preference for the position. However, he did play in all 11 of Australia’s third- and fourth-round AFC World Cup qualifying matches.

In addition, Ryan will participate in the World Cup for the third time, making him the Australian goalkeeper with the most World Cup experience in history. Should he participate in all three of his team’s group games, he will equal Mark Bresciano and Tim Cahill for the most World Cup appearances by an Australian Socceroo with nine. This would make him the Socceroo who has appeared in the most World Cups in history.

Mat Ryan – Australia


It is hardly surprising that France is the clear favorite to win the first match.

Our very sophisticated system predicts that France has a 73.4% chance of winning the match outright, while Australia has just a 10.6% chance of accomplishing the same.

There is a 16% chance of a draw, which cannot be overlooked given that France is beset by injuries and is in questionable condition heading into Qatar.

belgium vs canada


Jonathan Osorio, a midfielder for Canada, said that the team will approach their first World Cup match against Belgium with “confidence, not hope.” Belgium is the opponent they will face.

The North Americans surpassed everyone’s expectations and finished first in the last CONCACAF qualification group, securing a spot in the automatic qualifying round for Qatar 2022. Osorio is certain that they will continue to surprise people in the coming years.

In the Group F match against Belgium, which will be played at Al Rayyan Stadium, Osorio intends to exceed expectations. In this match, players like as Kevin De Bruyne, Eden Hazard, and Thibaut Courtois will compete against one another. Mexico will take part in the World Cup for the first time after a 36-year layoff.

In an interview with the Vancouver Sun, he said, “We no longer have hope; instead, we have faith.” We have an extraordinary amount of faith in our own skills. We want to demonstrate that we are a country committed to football and capable of competing with the finest teams in the world. In addition, we want to show our viability to win.

“We want to surprise people, since I believe many still see us as underdogs; Canada and the World Cup should be thankful to be here,” he added. “We want to be the winning squad.” One squad member said, “I feel people still see us as the underdog, therefore we want to surprise them.”

“On the contrary, we do not read it this way. We are here to compete, and our goal is to achieve victory at the greatest level possible. We think that inside our group, with the qualities we possess and the brotherhood we share, we can do everything we put our sights on. This is the case since we have a deep relationship.

John Herdman, a native of England who now manages the Canadian national team, was similarly in an upbeat mood. Herdman, after noting that Alphonso Davies, Bayern Munich’s outstanding fullback, may miss the match due to a hamstring injury, added: “I believe that Canada is beginning to anticipate things from the United States.

“When you announce that you are from Canada in countries such as France, Germany, Italy, England, Brazil, or Argentina, you will be asked, “Who is Canada?” On the other hand, I get the idea that deep down, as a nation, we have begun to believe that everything is possible, and our mindset remains the same: we take things one game at a time.”

The health of Belgium’s striker Romelu Lukaku has been one of the squad’s primary focuses throughout their preparations. Lukaku is not expected to play in either of Belgium’s first two matches in Qatar due to a setback in his recovery from a hamstring injury.

Vincent Kompany, former captain of Belgium and current manager of Burnley in the English Championship, can appreciate Roberto Martinez’s choice to take a bet on the physical capabilities of the Inter player. Burnley is presently managed by Kompany and participates in the English Championship.

Vincent Kompany was out for the whole of the 2018 World Cup group stage. He did not return until the knockout round, which started after the Belgium national team had placed third.

He explained to Het Nieuwsblad that he did not participate in the group stage because he had damaged his hamstrings when playing in a pre-World Cup friendly.

It may not be a major problem to have injured players on your team during the group round of the competition; nevertheless, as the tournament progresses, you’ll need players that can help you win games and make a difference in the competition’s conclusion.

Even if Lukaku can only participate in one of the games against the more challenging opponents, it would still be advantageous for him to do so. The selected choice is acceptable to me. In this sport, the greatest importance is given to the individual fight winners.

Keep an Eye Out for These Performers

Belgium: Kevin De Bruyne
The Canadian national team should do all possible to avoid conversing with the midfield maestro for Manchester City.

Although he has only made 224 Premier League games, he has been involved in 155 goals and has assisted to 155 of those goals. His varied passing style is capable of tormenting any defense. De Bruyne will miss Lukaku’s physical presence as a target and creator of space, but he has the necessary abilities to impact the game despite this loss.

This is KDB’s debut season in the Premier League, and he has already recorded 9 assists; the league record is 20.
Canada: Iain King David The phrase Jonathan David
David and De Bruyne generate identical numbers, despite the fact that David plays a more advanced position than De Bruyne. The 22-year-old forward who plays for Lille has appeared in all 15 of the team’s Ligue 1 matches this season. The team has benefited from his nine goals and three assists. David, who will almost definitely sign with one of the most prominent clubs in Europe at the conclusion of the current season, will aim to utilize the World Cup to further his soccer career.

Jonathan David of Ligue 1 gets a pass from the fox in the penalty area.


Although it is evident that Canada has a great deal of confidence after their successful qualification campaign, it is tough to choose them above Belgium as the team with the highest chance of winning the match. Opta’s forecasting model predicts that Belgium’s World Cup campaign will begin with a victory 62.2% of the time, while Canada’s chances are just 17.4% of the time, according to the program’s output.

If talented Belgian players like as De Bruyne, Eden Hazard, and Dries Mertens find their range, Canada will be in for a very long night of soccer.

germany vs japan
germany vs japan


Since Germany isn’t used to losing in the World Cup, they won’t be considering their performance in Russia 2018 as they get ready to play Japan in the first match of the 2022 tournament. The reason for this is that Germany has never gotten accustomed to losing in the World Cup. Because Germany has never been knocked out of the World Cup in its history, this is the case. Reason being, Germany is not used to being in a position of second place in World Cup competition.

Die Mannschaft, the German national soccer team, has won the World Cup four times in a row and has appeared in seven tournaments since the turn of the century. Furthermore, it is generally accepted that Die Mannschaft is the world’s most successful team. Die Mannschaft has reached the semifinals or higher in five of its seven tournaments.

Germany, the current champion, was knocked out of the competition in the group stage after suffering defeats at the hands of Mexico and South Korea. In contrast, Germany’s national team is the reigning global champion.

Last time Germany made it through the first round of the World Cup was in 1950. German teams have been absent from the World Cup since 1950. German participation in the World Cup is cancelled as a direct result of this.

Defenseman Niklas Sule has never played in more than one championship game. He has never competed in more than one finals. The Swedish squad competed in the game against South Korea and lost by a score of 2-0. He sees no need to subject himself to the same suffering he has already endured.

After that, although saying it was “irrelevant” at the time, he went to the press and shared this information.

Today’s society has no space for either success or failure because of the lightning-fast speed at which everything occurs. Neither can be done at this time. This completely rules out any chance of success or failure. Beyond that, I’m always looking for ways to shine a light on the bright side of things. There is no longer any interest or significance in yesterday’s events. After a certain point, they cease to be useful. They’ve outlived their usefulness in every way.

Germany advanced well in the qualifying standings despite being put in a group featuring Spain, Costa Rica, and Japan. Even though Spain, Costa Rica, and Japan were part of the coalition, this outcome held true. Germany may have been dealt a difficult group, but they were still successful in the end.

The side led by Hansi Flick was the first to properly qualify for the event after it was held. They scored 38 goals in the matches that counted for European qualification, second only to England’s 39. English teams scored 39 goals in qualifying games for the European Championship (36).

Jamal Musiala, competing in his first World Cup, believes his squad has “the chance to go far.” Jamal is making his World Cup debut this year. We enter this fight determined to not only prevail, but also to finish the tournament as the tournament champions. We as a group are optimistic about its prospects and can’t wait for it to get rolling and begin producing results so that we can put our confidence in it. We have high hopes that it will be a success.

Opponents The team’s first-round victory against Colombia at the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia qualified them into the tournament’s round of 16. However, Colombia has advanced to the round of 32. This is so despite Japan’s lackluster World Cup record (they are 1-for-8).

The Samurai Blue have a plethora of expertise playing on the global stage since they have participated in the championship match for the previous seven years in a row. This is because they have been a reliable competitor year after year. Because of this possibility, the group has competed against teams from all across the world. Nonetheless, they’ve never advanced beyond the opening round of a tournament more than once in a row.

Top players

Germany native Jamal Musiala

The success of the German national team in previous World Cup competitions has been heavily dependent on Thomas Muller. One possible explanation for the team’s success is that they were reliant on one another. Since making his championship debut in 2010, he has helped Germany score 16 goals and scored 10 of them. Germany has now won the championship three times. After then, his goals really counted toward Germany’s total. More importantly, he has helped Germany win by providing assists on six different goals. Only Miroslav Klose (16), Gerd Muller (14), and Jurgen Klinsmann (12) have scored more goals for their national teams in the World Cup than Jurgen Klinsmann (8). To far, Miroslav Klose has scored 16 goals, while Gerd Muller has added 14. (11).

As Muller’s colleague at Bayern Munich, Musiala, has been promoted to captain of this younger group, it’s probable that Flick will not rely on him to start every game moving ahead. Musiala has taken charge of this younger generation. Musiala is the current head of this younger generation.

Despite not being selected to play for England in Qatar, the 19-year-old attacker has more than shown his value in the Bundesliga, where he has scored nine goals and assisted on another six. His chances of making the England roster in Qatar were likewise high. He had a good shot of making England’s squad in Qatar since he has more than shown his worth in the Bundesliga. Qatar played host to the event. It seemed likely that England will choose him to play in their next match against Qatar. It seemed a given that he would get some playing time for England in their next encounter against Qatar. We expected Qatar to be our opponent. As a young player, he has already surpassed all other European players in the top five leagues in terms of the number of goals he has helped create. Despite the fact that he has set up more goals than any other player, he has been overlooked (15).

Bundesliga season 2022-23 for Jamal Musiala

Mr. Takumi Minamino of Japan

Japanese national Mr. Takumi Minamino
Together with Musiala, Minamino will be making his first appearance at the World Cup. The effectiveness of Musiala’s strategy will be evaluated. Despite being on Japan’s preliminary squad as far back as Brazil 2014, this will be Minamino’s first World Cup. To the best of our knowledge, this will be the first time any member of the Minamino family has attended a World Cup.

After an ineffective stint at Liverpool, the forward’s professional career hit a wall. For Monaco this season in Ligue 1, he has appeared nine times, clocking 333 minutes of game time, although he has yet to score a goal. But despite that, he has played in nine games so far this season.

However, Minamino was Japan’s most valuable player for the whole qualifying round. In every game, he was essential. He finished the game with 10 goals and 4 assists, all of which he will want to improve upon in the actual competition.

Minamino, Japan


The supercomputer’s prediction model predicts that Germany will maintain its winning streak against Japan in the World Cup, despite the fact that this will be the first time the two countries have competed against one another in the tournament. Two previous matches have taken place between Germany and Japan, both in a friendly competitive setting; nonetheless, Germany has never been beaten by Japan.

Germany’s new head coach Flick has a 66.4% chance of winning his first big tournament match. Based on historical data, we estimate that Germany will win their first game. This prediction is based on the assumption that Germany will win the opening game.

A loss (14.1%) or a tie (20.5%) against Japan is something Germany surely can’t afford while Spain is still in the race for the championship. There is a 14.5 percent likelihood that Germany will lose versus Japan, with a 20.5 percent chance that the score will be a tie. Germany and Spain have switched places and are now tied for first.