best graphics card under 10000 : top 5 for pc gaming in budget 2021 India

best graphics card under 10000

It’s never easy to pick the best graphics card for your gaming PC. With new generations graphics constantly flitting by, graphics card becomes cheaper and conclusion, prices of graphics card become more budget-friendly.

Still, this year we find ourselves in an unprecedented situation where both Nvidia and AMD are offering up genuinely budget gaming graphics. 

Still, it’s clear that aside from finding the best CPU for gaming to accompany it, picking the best budget graphics card is one decision that has the potential to make or break your gaming experience. It’s where the bulk of your build or upgrade budget should be spent, it’s surely the components a PC gamer will give the most thought to.

We’ve put together a list of the best graphics cards under 10000 rupees you can fit into your gaming PC. These might offer the best performance at 720p or deliver 1080p at a pretty penny, but first, you have to ask yourself the all-important question: how much money can I afford to buy a new GPU?

One thing you should know that your GPU needs to be matched with a complementary CPU, or you’ll run into bottlenecks. A weak processor will hamstring your GPU’s performance, and you don’t want that. 

Most of us will have to be aware of our precious PC upgrades, so it’s vital to weigh up the price/performance ratio of a new GPU. Thankfully some fantastic graphics cards in the market won’t cost you an arm and leg, and will still offer more frames per second than a speed-run of the Louvre. There are a host of great-value GPUs available too, whether you’re after something that will smash 1080p on ultra or just a standard quality 720p graphics card. There’s something for everyone, it just requires a little knowledge and research. 

Nvidia gtx 1050 ti

1. Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  • Simultaneous Multi-Projection, PCIe 3.0, HDCP 2.2, Open GL 4.5 Support.
  • NVIDIA Ansel, NVIDIA G-SYNC, NVIDIA GameStream, NVIDIA GPU Boost 3.0
  • Microsoft DirectX 12 API with feature level 12_1, Vulkan API
  • OS Certification – Windows 7-10, Linux, Free85BSDx86
  • Display Connectors – DP 1.4, HDMI 2.0b, Dual Link-DVI-D, Latest Display Interface Support DP 1.4

GPU Engine Specs

CUDA Cores
Graphics Clock (MHz)
Processor Clock (MHz)
Graphics Performance

Memory Specs

Memory Clock
7 Gbps
Standard Memory Config
4 GB
Memory Interface
Memory Interface Width
Memory Bandwidth (GB/sec)

Feature Support

Supported Technologies
CUDA, 3D Vision, PhysX, NVIDIA G-SYNC™, Ansel

Thermal and Power Specs

Maximum GPU Temperature (in C)
Maximum Graphics Card Power (W)
Minimum System Power Requirement (W)

Nvidia GTX 1050 ti uses a Pascal GPU at its heart, the GTX 1050 Ti is still using the same graphics architecture as the rest of the GeForce GTX 10-series cards, but Nvidia is using the efficient silicon to bring 1080p PC gaming to a broader customer than its more expensive brethren. The key think of the GTX 1050 Ti is its low power consumptions, making it a drop-in upgrade for any PC user with a spare PCIe slot.


➕ incredible GPU performance

➕ Best in 1080 p gaming

Radeon rx 550

2. Radeon RX 550 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


Boost Frequency 

Boost Clock Frequency is the maximum frequency achievable on the GPU running a bursty workload. Boost clock achievability, frequency, and sustainability will vary based on several factors, including but not limited to: thermal conditions and variation in applications and workloads. GD-151


Up to 1183 MHz
Max Performance
Up to 1.2 TFLOPs
Typical Board Power (Desktop)
50 W
Minimum PSU Recommendation
400 W
GPU Memory
Memory Speed
7 Gbps
Max Memory Size
4 GB
Memory Type
Memory Interface
Memory Bandwidth
Up to 112 GB/s
Supported Rendering Format
HDMI™ 4K Support
4K H264 Decode
4K H264 Encode
H265/HEVC Decode
H265/HEVC Encode
1.4 HDR
Dual Link DVI
4K60 Support

➕ Excellent GPU performance

➕ Best in 1080 p gaming

➕ Value for money for 1080 p

Nvidia GeForce GT 1030

3. Nvidia Geforce GT 1030 ⭐⭐⭐⭐

  • Unleash your creativity with stunning photo and video editing
  • Enjoy great gaming performance
  • Get easy driver updates and one-click game optimization with GeForce Experience
  • Tap into the efficient performance of the award-winning NVIDIA Pascal architecture

➕ Value for Money

➕ average 1080p gaming, best for 720p

Nvidia GeForce GT 730

4. Nvidia GeForce GT 730 ⭐⭐⭐

  • Unleash your creativity with stunning photo and video editing
  • Enjoy great gaming performance
  • Get easy driver updates and one-click game optimization with GeForce Experience
  • Tap into the efficient performance of the award-winning NVIDIA Pascal architecture
  • User registration required on Zotac website

➕Best for Video Editing in lower budget

➕ average 1080p gaming, best for 720p

Nvidia GEFORCE GT 710

5. Nvidia GeForce GT 710 ⭐⭐⭐

  • Core/Memory- 954 MHz Core , 2048MB DDR3 1600 MHz
  • Video Output Function- Dual-link DVI-D x 1 , HDMI x 1 (Version 1.4a) , D-Sub x 1
  • PCI Express 2.0 x16 64-bit CARD DIMENSION- 146 x 69 x 19 mm
  • 3 year warranty provided by the manufacturer from date of purchase

➕Value For money in Super lower budget

➕ playable in 1080p, good in 720p

➕ good video editing


If you have read the complete article then you must have to guess the best graphics card under 10000. I tried to cover most of the essential features of the product. To make your choice easier, I recommend you to buy GeForce GTX 1050 Ti Computer Graphics Card.

Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti is considered to be the best graphics card for gaming that will come in your budget. This is based on Nvidia Geforce GTX 1050 Ti structure with 4GB GDDR5 memory which gives visuals 60 FPS which makes it better in comparison to other graphics card in this range. It is built with several high technologies like has GPU Tweak II and XSplit Gamecaster which increase the efficiency of your PC. you can easily game stream with this graphics card with its inbuilt envenc encoder.

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