Samsung 6.5 kg 5 star inverter fully automatic top loading washing machine (wa65t4262gg/tl) review

Lg 7 kg 5 star semi-automatic top loading washing machine Complete Review

The Samsung 6.5 Kg 5 Star Inverted Fully-Automatic Top Loading washing machine features a Digital Inverter Motor, which speeds up the cleaning process while generating minimal noise. It features a Diamond Drum for gentle cleaning and small water outlets to prevent clothes from being trapped in water. It also features a tempered glass window, magic filter, and a drainage system that’s protected from any dirt.

Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale

  • Amazon’s Great Indian Festival sale is now entering the last phase. The site is offering up to 70% off on a range of products across various categories, including washing machines. In fact, fully-automatic washing machines are available at a minimum discount of 25%. Moreover, customers can take advantage of various bank, exchange, and EMI offers for even greater savings.
  • The sale is also complemented by additional savings options, such as cashback on exchange offers and no-cost EMI schemes. This means that you can buy a brand new Samsung 6.5 Kg 5 Star Inverter Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine for less than Rs 20,000.
  • This washing machine is equipped with Digital Inverter technology, which enables the machine to consume less energy and water. The machine has a quiet and whisper-quiet motor that promises to clean your clothes properly, even the most delicate fabrics. With 10 washing programs and free shipping, you can get the perfect machine to fit your needs and your budget.
  • This fully automatic Samsung washing machine has a capacity of 6.5 kg and is protected by a two-year motor and comprehensive warranty. It is equipped with a turbo drum for the fastest wash possible. It also has a free open box inspection so that you can make sure that you are buying a quality machine. The price is great, too, with the warranty scheme and free shipping.

Price of Samsung 6.5 Kg 5 Star Inverter Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

The best price for Samsung 6.5 kg WA65T4262GG/TL Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine varies considerably across the country. The current price of this model is Rs15,490. The price is valid across all major cities in India. However, there is a chance that the price may decrease in the near future. We have compiled a list of the top online retailers where you can buy the washing machine.


This fully automatic top-loading washing machine is ideal for a family of three. The Wobble Wash technology from Samsung creates a multi-directional flow for your clothes. It prevents tangling and twisting and comes with nine wash programs to suit any fabric. The manufacturer provides a 12-year warranty on the motor. It also offers free standard installation and demo. In addition, the Samsung 5 Star Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine features a magic filter and diamond drum to collect lint, fluff, and other particles.


Whether you are shopping for a top load washer or a top loading machine, Samsung is an excellent choice. With its superior energy efficiency, it is certified by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency. This washing machine is also durable thanks to its Digital Inverter Technology. This technology utilizes strong magnets to provide quiet performance and outstanding durability. Plus, the machine has a 12-year warranty, which makes it the perfect choice for any household.

Diamond Drum

You can buy the latest Samsung 6.5 kg 5 Star Inverter Fully-Automatic top loading washing machine online or in any retail store. You can get it at a discounted price, which depends on external parameters. You can also avail a free home delivery offer by the seller if you buy this model from a store near you.


This fully automatic top loading washing machine offers you excellent wash quality, long-lasting performance, and energy efficiency. You will also enjoy minimal noise while using it. This machine features a diamond drum and wobble technology, which prevents tangled clothes. Besides, the diamond drum helps in preventing water damage. Moreover, it is equipped with a child lock feature that prevents any unauthorized users from tampering with the settings.


This washing machine comes with a diamond drum and six wash programs. Its Centre Jet Technology gives you more power during the washing process. It also comes with an express wash and smart sense feature, so you can wash your clothes faster and more efficiently. With a capacity of 6.5 kg, this washing machine is perfect for small to medium-sized Indian households.

Diamond Drum Technology

If you want to keep your clothes spotless, the Samsung 6.5 kg Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine is just what you need. Its built-in sink, six wash programs, and diamond drum help in getting your clothes spotless in just one wash. It also features powerful magnets that prevent stains and a Digital Inverter Technology which ensures quiet performance and low energy consumption.


The semi-automatic washing machine has a rust-proof body and a magic filter to remove lint and fluffs from your clothes. This machine is also equipped with Air Turbo technology, which rotates the drum rapidly during a wash cycle. This feature saves energy and water by ensuring that your clothes dry faster.


The Samsung 6.5 kg Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine supports undefined load capacities. It runs at 50 Hz. It also features a diamond drum for gentle fabric care. Apart from a top-loading design, it also features 6 wash programs and an Eco+ rating. A top-loading washing machine is suitable for small to medium families. It has a powerful motor that prevents clothes from being tangled.


This machine is one of the most expensive models on the market, but it does not lack features. Its inverter motor has an adjustable load setting so you can adjust the amount of water and energy it needs to clean your clothes. The Samsung 6.5 Kg 5 Star Inverter Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine uses inverter technology to maximize energy efficiency. Moreover, its direct drive motor reduces vibration and improves stability. Its 1400 RPM spin speed is perfect for faster drying. The machine also has a stainless steel wash tub, which enhances durability.

6.5-Kg capacity

If you want to have an energy-efficient and reliable washing machine, you must invest in the Samsung 6.5-Kg 5 Star Fully-Automatic Top Loading W.M. It is compact and features a sturdy build, making it convenient appliance to store in your home. Its advanced features include the Wobble technology, which creates a dynamic flow that prevents tangles and twists in your clothes. You can also enjoy the convenience of the touch screen and 5-star energy efficiency.


This washing machine is certified by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency and has excellent energy efficiency. It also uses strong magnets to reduce energy consumption. It also provides superior durability, which is backed by a 12-year warranty. This washer is an excellent choice for families looking for an energy-efficient option. In addition to this, it also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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Samsung 6.5 kg 5 star inverter fully automatic top loading washing machine (wa65t4262gg/tl) review
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Samsung 6.5 kg 5 star inverter fully automatic top loading washing machine (wa65t4262gg/tl) review
Samsung 6.5 kg 5 star inverter fully automatic top loading washing machine (wa65t4262gg/tl) review
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