See how technology can transform your home

See how technology can transform your home

We started this article with a question: do you know how technology can transform the way you live on the planet and in your home? Also, do you know how smart technology, that is, intelligent, has made people’s lives better?

To complete, did you know that modern properties are built in the smart home style, that is, smart homes in which the resident can program appliances, organize the house, and request repairs just using apps?

If you were curious to know how technology can transform the way you live, then read this article until the end.

The importance of real estate with smart technology

One thing is a fact, every day we are more connected. Nowadays, for example, it is possible to monitor traffic, and reduce expenses with public lighting, using only electronic means.

Some cities are already recognized as smart cities because they are so advanced in the use of this technology to improve the environment and the lives of its inhabitants.

So, of course, this technology is increasingly present in the construction of new properties.

The truth is that new properties have gained a more practical and functional touch to transform the way of living in the sense of:

  • Save time on the commute from home to work;
  • Improve the safety of children and the elderly who stay at home;
  • Make household activities easier with automatable appliances.

And that’s why we created this article, we want you to know some apps that optimize your time, that is, they schedule many everyday activities without much importance to do what really matters. Check out!

Apps to transform your home

Well, if you thought about having a house similar to the Jetsons, the time is now. For this, know some apps that will leave some household activities on automatic. Among the main points are:

1 - Gateway

For those who tend to lose their keys or forget if they closed the door or not, electric locks are the most important solution for these people.

As this device can be connected to a virtual assistant and mobile applications, just set a security code and you can open your door with just a click or a voice command.

2 – Closing and opening curtains and blinds

If you live in the hustle and bustle of the big city and need, for whatever reason, to make life easier for those who stay at home, you can use technological resources to program the opening of curtains.

It is possible to do this by programming an application and thus having one less worry in everyday life.

3 – Smart shower

Another point is the smart shower, which is a technological resource that helps to save energy. In this way, it is possible to program the baths according to the ambient temperature. 

In addition, you will have control over your water and electricity consumption, as the app also has this function.

4 – Security camera, sockets and lights

The automation of security cameras, control of outlets, turning lights on and off is yet another example of how technology can positively transform people’s way of living.

For those with young children or elderly parents, for example, being able to monitor what is happening at home, even if they are elsewhere, is a reassuring advantage that smart technology has produced.

Using devices, it is possible to program and control home appliances and smart sockets by just a voice command, or via app. Of course, for some of these automation features to work, you need a good infrastructure. 

And if your property is old, just adapt this technology using:

  • virtual assistants;
  • Wi-Fi receivers;
  • Infra-red;
  • Distribution Hub.

In addition to the options we present, there are others such as smart vacuum cleaners, and smart TV, among others. All of them have the function of improving your day-to-day.

Apps to find service providers

Finding professionals with good references, reliable, and who work with quality is another benefit of smart technology. Even those who are researching how to live alone need to have a list of qualified professionals.

In this case, the use of applications is essential to find service providers, and get to know some of them:


To open the list, let’s start with this platform that has technical assistants, mechanics, bricklayers, plumbers and other professionals from different areas of extreme relevance and importance.


Regarding this second application, it is possible to find furniture assemblers and day laborers.


In the third position of the list comes CargoX, which serves to find truck drivers and freight throughout the country.


Last but not least is Crafty, which offers professionals such as locksmiths, podiatrists, cooks, and others.

The benefits of technology in compact apartments

The category of property that most uses technological resources to transform the way of living is of studio apartments. This more compact property meets the needs of people who want to have more quality of life.

In general, they want to live close to work, pay less for it and still enjoy the same features as a full-size home.

Thus, the challenge for builders is to make the experience of living in a property of up to 45 m² offer the same comfort of a larger apartment at a more affordable price.

And that made the option of buying a compact apartment the best option for those who want to live well, even on a tighter budget.

And what are the technological benefits of this type of property?

With less space, it was necessary to create other resources to meet the basic needs of the residents. Check out how the builders solved the issue:

  • Coworking: office or space that can be shared between people;
  • Gourmet space: a place to receive friends and family;
  • Academy;
  • Shared laundry.

In addition to these benefits, the technologies discussed above are essential to optimize spaces in a compact apartment. Facilities such as electric doors, sockets, and smart appliances are great, as they favor circulation at home.

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