On Wednesday, a 6.3 magnitude earthquake struck Nepal, killing at least six people in a home collapse event in Doti district. The earthquakes were also reported in portions of the Delhi-NCR region.

Kalpana Shrestha, the Chief District Officer of Doti, confirmed at least six deaths and five injuries.

At least six individuals were murdered, and five more were injured and were brought to the hospital. "Dozens of houses have been destroyed by landslides in various sites throughout the district," the official was cited as saying by news agency ANI.

The quake hit at around 1.57 am on Wednesday. The epicentre was Nepal, according to the National Center for Seismology.

This was the third earthquake in Nepal in the last five hours. As per data on National Center for Seismology, Nepal registered first earthquake of 4.9 magnitude at 8.52 pm on Tuesday, followed by 3.5 magnitude at 9.41 pm.

The third earthquake of 6.3 magnitude hit the country at 1.57 am on Wednesday, tremors of which were felt in Delhi.

Strong earthquakes were also detected in numerous North Indian states, including Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand.

However, no deaths, injuries, or property damage have been reported thus far.